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About us - Eng­lish sum­mary

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E C Dahls Eiendom is a real estate company that owns over 90 properties in Midtbyen (the city centre) and employs more than 50 individuals who work tirelessly to preserve and develop Trondheim’s urban spaces. Our mission is to create an open and vibrant city that benefits everyone.

Our focus is on the continued development and rental of commercial properties in Trondheim’s city centre, known as Midtbyen. Our goal is to create a sustainable and holistic Midtbyen that benefits society. We understand that this goal requires a long-term perspective and commitment, and we are dedicated to achieving it over time.

Our business model is formed with a perspective of eternity and based on a genuine desire to make Trondheim a better place to live, work, and thrive. Sustainability is an integral part of our thinking and daily operations, enabling us to create long-term profitability for the company while providing value for society.


In 1986, E.C. Dahls Bryggeri (Brewery) established E C Dahls Eiendom, which was given control and management of the traditional brewery quarter at Kalvskinnet in Trondheim. Today, E C Dahls Eiendom is owned by Reitan Eiendom.

Investing in Midtbyen: Our Support for Valuable Initiatives

We understand that creating an open and vibrant city requires support for a variety of activities and initiatives. As such, we actively support projects that increase the value of Midtbyen. Our support has included a range of initiatives, such as winter lighting, street maintenance, events, and activities, of all scales. We believe that our contributions can make a significant impact in creating a more dynamic and attractive city for all.

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E C Dahls Eiendom emphasises social responsibility and we incorporate sustainability in our daily operations and business models.
Our focus allows long-term profitability for the company alongside providing value for society.

We have a sustainability strategy which include ECG (environment, social, governance) and E C Dahls Eiendom’s environmental management system has been ISO 14001 certified since 2020.

Our parent company, Reitan Eiendom, publishes annually a sustainability report.


Where to find us

Kongens gate 8, 3. etg
7011 Trondheim

Phone +47 73 99 09 90

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